A message from our CEO

By 2050, food output will need to expand by as much as 50 per cent in some parts of the world to meet the demands of 9.7 billion people wanting more, higher quality and diverse food. At the same time, our food production system will be under increasing pressure from climate change impacts, water scarcity, urbanisation, and soil degradation.

The importance of increasing productivity on land is clear. Not increasing productivity to meet growing food needs will mean we will need to clear more land. The destruction of native vegetation that this entails will only worsen the climate problem.

At Nufarm, we focus our efforts where we can have the greatest influence. Central to our sustainability approach is enabling our growers to produce more from less, responding to the global demand for more food, while at the same time providing products that help them adapt to climate change impacts and minimise unintended environmental consequences.

The products that Nufarm supplies are supportive of and consistent with increased sustainability in agriculture and simultaneously help us meet the challenge of feeding the world.

One of the key tools that enhances productivity and sustainability at the same time is modern crop protection technology. Without the benefits of modern herbicides, for example, farmers would be faced with much lower yields.

Another important example of our commitment to sustainability is in our seed technologies business. This business facilitates the growing of crops that positively impact global environmental issues and provides new economic opportunities for farming communities.

In 2021, we have continued to broaden our approach to sustainability and more explicitly recognising the role we play in improving the sustainability of modern agriculture. This 2021 sustainability report details some of our key areas of focus.

The content in this report is also complemented by our additional disclosure against the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) sustainability reporting standard, which is available to view here: https://nufarm.com/gri-reporting-2021/. This provides additional detailed information on our approach to key sustainability issues and analysis of our performance for the year.

Thank you for your interest in this important area. I look forward to continuing to update you on Nufarm’s progress and welcome feedback and engagement on our approach.


Greg Hunt

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer